JJ Java

The Best Cup of Coffee in Town. Serving Coffee, Tea, Smoothies and Sweet Treats.

Frequently Asked Questions


These are the most Frequently Asked Questions we get about JJ Java

Hopefully this will help when ordering your favorite drinks!

1. We have 24 flavors, out of those; 4 are Sugar Free 4 are Fruit flavors
2. Sizes are: Small - 12 oz, Med - 16 oz, Large - 20 oz
3. If you want a decaf coffee we will make you an Americano (decaf espresso and hot water). Any espresso drink can be made decaf
4. We have whole milk, skim milk, or 1/2 & 1/2 cream. Our milk alternatives are Almond or Macadamia milk
5. Any hot drink can also be made iced or blended
6. Yes we have frappes - any flavor on our menu
7. Yes we have chai - and we can add espresso 
8. All Lattes, Cappuccinos, Mochas & frappes have espresso in them
9. We have hot or iced teas - green, herbal & black, a total of 10 different choices
10. Our iced coffee is a Cold Brew
11. We have 6 delicious flavors of Smoothies made with real fruit and any flavors can be mixed together
12. And last but not least...WE HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES!


Still don’t have the answer you need? Call us at 260-200-1999 or visit our contact us page to e-mail us.

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